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Agriculture Solutions

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FP McCann Agriculture Solutions


FP McCann is a leading manufacturer of precast concrete agricultural solutions and prestressed walling solutions to the agriculture sector.

FP McCann has been supplying the agricultural industry with quality precast concrete solutions for over 60 years. Today FP McCann continues to supply our agricultural range including solutions for livestock buildings, bulk storage such as fertilizer, slurry storage, silage, retaining, grain and crop storage and much more. We deliver to any part of the UK and Ireland, meeting your requirements with affordable and safe solutions.
Agriculture remains as the driving force behind our quality and service in our precast products. Our valued customer relationships drives FP McCann to develop better products in addition to adapting existing products to best meet the needs of farmers and farm building contractors. After 60 years we remain committed to the agricultural community by developing our products to be quickly and easily installed, provide lasting quality and on time service.