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Andacrib Concrete Crib Retaining Walls

Andacrib is a modular precast concrete crib retaining wall system which has been designed to cater for the most onerous loading conditions demanded of structures within the highway, industrial and commercial sectors.

Andacrib’s unique design, incorporating generous header to header bearing surfaces, ensures that all primary loads are remote from the exposed face. The design also allows for the various header lengths to be mixed within the same structure for maximum economy, whilst maintaining a consistent visual appearance.

Andacrib header units can be linked into double or triple skin walls, whilst internal and external curves can be formed.
  • FP-McCann-Precast-Concrete-Walling-Andacrib-Retaining-Wall
  • FP-McCann-Precast-Concrete-Walling-Andacrib-Retaining-Wall
  • FP-McCann-Precast-Concrete-Walling-Andacrib-Retaining-Wall
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Composition & Manufacture

    Andacrib concrete components conform with Class 2 Sulphate Resistance and ‘very severe’ salt attack conditions, as required by both BS EN 1992 and BS EN 1990. The concrete has a design strength of 50 N/mm². Andacrib headers and stretchers are steel reinforced and fully comply with the requirements of BS EN 1992.


    A completed Andacrib wall provides a substantial, maintenance free structure with a design life in excess of 120 years. Its design meets Highways Agency requirements.