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Cable Ducting Systems

  • FP McCann Rail Power Infrastructure Cable Ducting Systems
FP McCann Cable Ducting Systems
FP McCann offers a specialist range of precast reinforced concrete cable troughs and ducting systems used to house and protect most types of services, including power and communication cables and pipes for gas, water and chemicals. Easi-Duct access troughs and ducts can be buried underground, located above, or flush with surface levels to provide protection against accidental or malicious damage and to offer easy access for maintenance and repair. Three types of flush fitting lids are supplied in either reinforced precast concrete, GRP composite, or steel tray. All lids are rated in accordance with the loading groups specified in BS EN 124.
Typical Easi-Duct applications include; rail and highway infrastructure; power stations; gas, oil and chemical installations; industrial, commercial and domestic developments; docks and harbours; water and sewage treatment plants.
FP McCann is an Achilles Utility Vendor Database (UVDB) approved supplier, Supplier No 061598, and have opted for a Verify Category D audit.
Compared with the alternatives of direct burying of cables and pipes or overhead suspension, Easi-Duct has a number of advantages:
• Applicable to power and telecom cables in addition to pipes for liquids and gases
• Chemically resistant concrete
• Services buried at depth are unexposed to weather changes (i.e. freezing or overheating)
• High strength load bearing units
• Easy access for cable repair, jointing or new cable additions
• Whole life costing of precast concrete is lower than other forms of ducting construction
• Non conductive to electricity
• FP McCann can produce specialist units moulded to requirement
Design Features
The troughs, ducts and lids are designed for load classes A15, B125, C250 and D400. For loadings E600 and F900, Easi- Duct systems are designed, tested and manufactured specific to order.
FP McCann Easi-Duct systems are designed and manufactured to comply with loading criteria in accordance with BS EN 1433 (Troughs) and BS EN 124 (Lids). All operations are conducted in accordance with FP McCann’s quality management system, BSI accredited to BS EN ISO 9001.
1000 to 1250 Width
FP McCann Rail Power Infrastructure Cable Ducting Table
350 to 750 Width
FP McCann Rail Power Infrastructure Cable Ducting Table