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Slurry Stores

  • FP-McCann-Precast-Concrete-Agriculture-Slurry-Store
FP McCann Slurry Panels
FP McCann slurry panels are made from high quality pre-stressed concrete designed in accordance with BS5502.
Key Features and Benefits:
  • Above and below ground options
  • Tongue and groove joints for easy alignment and sealing
  • Access to store with machinery
  • Choice of ways to handle slurry
Where possible slurry would normally be pushed over a retaining wall using a tractor or automatic scraper, though if appropriate a ramp, underground pipe, mechanical loading system or pump may be utilised. When emptying the store it can be pumped or removed by a vacuum tanker. Solids can be removed by tractor bucket via ramp. Our ramp panels are ideal for ease of construction and minimal loss of capacity, within the store.
A properly designed strainer box would allow dewatering of the store to increase capacity for solids, the remaining muck either being handled as a semi solid or a slurry, if sufficient liquid is retained to allow agitation. The management of the store during the winter is of prime importance to ensure that this simple system works efficiently. Freestanding panels with slots designed to give maximum separation and to minimise jetting allow the liquid to transfer via a perimeter gully to a holding/settlement tank. Separation of the liquids and solids can make handling easier and is particularly useful if low volume irrigation through the winter period is permissible.