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Segmental Shafts

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FP McCann, Segmental Shafts

FP McCann manufactures a range of shaft segmental rings suitable for underpinning, caisson and chimney construction methods.  Factory pre-fitted EPDM rubber gaskets are standard on all segments providing an immediate water-tight seal on construction. Additional to cross joint and circle joint bolting systems, FP McCann offers a safer and more efficient back bolting system for the caisson build method.

Ring Types

The following segmental ring types are available:
  • Standard rings
  • Corbel rings
  • Recessed rings (Standard, choker or cutter choker)
  • Choker rings
  • Combined Cutter Choker rings
  • Segmental rings in stock are front or back bolted

Key Features and Benefits of Segmental Shafts

  • Smooth internal faces
  • Simple locking process
  • Speedy installation
  • Cost reducing
  • Added safety features
  • Technical advice and support

Quality of Segmental Shafts 

FP McCann conducts all operations using an Integrated Management System accredited to BS EN ISO 9001.