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A.T.O (Air Test Only) Inflatable Pipe Stopper

  • FP-McCann-Precast-Concrete-Pipes-Inflatable-Pipe-Stopper-Air-Test-Only
FP McCann Inflatable Pipe Stopper (Air Test Only)


Size Range to fit concrete pipes from 300mm to 600mm (larger sizes available upon request)
Product Name: A.T.O. Inflatable Pipe Stopper (Air Test Only).
Patent No. GB2361283. Registered Trade Mark No.2299965.
Product Function: To create an airtight seal in concrete pipes for joint testing to a back pressure of 4"/100mm U Gauge, as required by British Standards.
Product Design: All Pipe Stoppers are test and blank ends with an inflatable outer ring and soft central membrane, 5mm closed cell sealing surface, car wheel type - 1/4" BSP female valve for inflation and lever ball valve for rapid deflation. Connected by 1200mm umbilical tube. Pull out strap with hook and loop strip to attach U Gauge.
Product Points: Totally collapsible, lightweight to handle. Manufactured to exact pipe size. Nominal bore + or - 6mm. Car wheel type valve for air in vent, on/off valve for air out vent. Manufactured and tested to BSEN 1610 - 1998.
Note: FP McCann only recommend the use of inflatable stoppers to air test concrete pipes.
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