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DN1200 Easi-Base (Polypropylene lined)

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FP McCann Easi-Base, Installation


A prefabricated manhole base unit with integral benching, channels and connectors that provides an immediate and long lasting watertight solution in the management of waste water The unique DN1200 Easi-Base utilises a polypropylene liner with prefabricated benching and channels. Pipe connection bells are pushed into the inlet and outlet points and the liner is then encased and embedded in concrete to provide its structural strength and integrity.

The DN1200 Easi-Base is manufactured as a monolithic precast unit; it utilises the standard manhole tongue and groove joint and is ready for immediate use in combination with either a standard 90mm thick manhole chamber, or the new 130mm thick wide wall chamber ring.

Benefits of using the Easi-Base

  • Can be installed in as little as 60 minutes
  • Provides an immediate watertight structure, allowing quicker follow-up of subsequent construction activities.
  • Accommodates all combinations and variations in entry/exit pipes up to DN 300mm
  • Improves safety of construction (slips/trips and other hazards), as preformed base and channels reduce the number of site
  • operations thus avoiding the need for personnel to repeatedly climb in and out of a manhole during construction
  • Provides a solution that offers increased confidence in ability to meet industry standards
  • Environmental advantages - less concrete used and less excavated material removed from site
  • Offers cost benefits with reductions in construction time and skilled resource requirements due to prefabrication
  • Eliminates material wastage associated with current practice in manhole base construction
  • Clean access for inspection.  
  • Reduces maintenance and long-term running costs
  • Easi-Base connects with any type of pipe and is compatible with the new DN1200 130mm wide wall chamber ring

FP McCann Precast Concrete Drainage Easi-Base