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DN1500 & DN1800 Precast Concrete Easi-Base

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FP McCann Easi-Base, Installation
FP McCann produce Easi-Bases in DN1500 and DN1800 diameters to compliment our existing manhole ranges. DN1500 - DN1800 Easi-Bases are produced as monolithic units utilising standard manhole tongue and groove joints for connection with standard manhole chambers. These units are produced wholly from concrete and provide a variety of connection orientations specified using the Predl Clock System, and accommodate concrete, clay, twinwall and uPVC pipe.
DN1500 and DN1800 Easi-Bases are a bespoke item manufactured to  order. The following table gives the dimensions associated with each of  both DN1500 and DN1800 Easi-Bases to include the overall height of  the unit, the invert level for each different pipe diameter and the  combination of pipe diameters accommodated. All Easi-Bases are made level to soffit, (i.e. level benching). 


Easi-Base Benefits:

  • Cost savings achieved as a result of speed of installation and reduced resource requirements
  • A water tight homogenous base section is achieved once the base is lifted into position and when utilised with our new “no lifting holes” chamber rings, the complete structure is water tight.
  • The Base Unit requires no further wet-trades once it is fixed into position
  • Follow up operations can commence immediately
  • Quality of the Channel and Benches are far superior because the unit is precast in a factory environment
  • It provides a solution that offers increased confidence in ability to meet industry standards than current practice
  • Reduced site skill requirement due to factory pre-fabrication
  • Improved construction safety as ground workers spend less time in trenches and inside the manhole
  • It yields environmental advantages as less concrete is used and less excavated material being disposed in landfill
  • Maintenance of the channel and benches are reduced due to the quality of the factory produced product
  • Should entry be required by maintenance personnel, the quality and disposition of the benches enhances the Health and Safety of maintenance crews​.