FP McCann manufactures a range of Headwalls designed to connect pipe work discharging into open watercourses.  Headwalls help to protect and locate the pipe outfall in addition to minimizing erosion at the discharge location. 

FP McCann Headwalls accommodate concrete, clay and plastic pipe with sizes ranging from DN150mm to DN1500mm.  Bespoke hole sizes and configurations are available within our headwall product range.

XL Headwall


  • Prefabricated off-site
  • Speedy and efficient to install (minimising on-site labour)
  • Particularly applicable in cases where limited installation time is given due to tides etc
  • Cost effective solution –in comparison to on-site shuttering and the use of ready mixed concrete
  • Prevent embankment erosion around the outfall point 
  • Flap valves and safety fall arrest grids available
  • Manufactured with cast in thread sockets and lifting hooks

Can be supplied with a range of steel gates deigned to prevent the entry of debris or animals into the drainage system.

An installation guide is available to view/download. Please note it is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure installation is carried out in accordance with the design specifications for the site.

Headwalls are also supplied with 3 lifting anchors cast into the reinforcing in the floor of the unit. Lifting loops are attached to these anchors and standard 3 legged chains are used to transport on site and fix into position.






Silt Traps

Silt traps are available from FP McCann with the standard range accommodating pipe diameters 0150mm to 0750mm.


Silt traps have a 3 point lifting system incorporated. FP McCann supply all products with lifters at no additional cost. Invert levels are variable subject to customer requirement. PDF and AutoCAD drawings available to download.