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Manufactured to Network Rail specification, FP McCann is a nominated approved supplier of precast concrete cable troughs and concrete platform copings to the rail sector.
FP McCann produce a standard range of precast concrete railway platform components to Network Rail Specification NR/PS/RES/00030; these include modular platform systems, platform copings, platform edge warning paving (tactiles) and oversail blocks. Nosing slabs to London Underground specification are also available.
FP McCann offers a specialist range of precast reinforced concrete cable troughs and ducting systems used to house and protect most types of services, including power and communication cables and pipes for gas, water and chemicals. Easi-Duct access troughs and ducts can  be buried underground, located above, or flush with surface levels to provide protection against accidental or malicious damage and to offer easy access for maintenance and repair.

FP McCann is a RISQS and UVDB approved supplier (Certificate/ Supplier Number: 061598).