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Structural Solutions

  • FP McCann Precast Concrete Architectural and Structural  Solutions

At FP McCann we believe in working with you as a partner from the start, which means offering our expertise in designing and manufacturing rooms to suit your every individual project. Far from being an ‘off the shelf’ solution, our structural solutions are ‘made to measure’ whilst maintaining our design philosophies and standard details.
All units are manufactured off-site and delivered on-site ready for final preparation and decoration, with either wallpaper or emulsion. All sections are designed for ease of construction, fitting together to conform fully with building regulations. As the windows are fixed, internal trades can commence work far earlier than on a traditional-build site. All this to ensure peace of mind for you when you partner with FP McCann.
Established more than 63 years ago, FP McCann has built a reputation as design and manufacturing specialists of precast concrete. Always at the forefront of product development, the company combines superior off-site manufacturing with top-quality construction to produce award-winning solutions. We were one of the first companies to be awarded a BSI 5750 certificate for the manufacture of ‘Structural Precast Products’ and over the past 30 years we have been one of the UK’s largest suppliers of precast retaining walls, used for applications as varied as earth retention to flood defence walls. We also have ISO14001, OHAS18001 and CGHAS accreditations.
What areStructural Solutions?
One client described Structural Solutions as concrete flat-pack. At first glance, that’s how it might appear. But the reality is much more sophisticated. For a start, it is not an off-the-shelf product. What we offer is a made-to-measure service, tailored precisely to your requirements while maintaining our design philosophies, standard details and intrinsic high quality. Every Structural Solution is different. All components are manufactured off-site in the factory, so guaranteeing precise dimensions, strict quality control, and negligible waste. What’s more, unlike in-situ concrete, manufacture is unaffected by weather.
All sections are designed for ease of construction, fitting precisely together with hidden joints, and connected to conform fully with Building Regulations. All service runs such as electrics, phone and gas can be cast in, saving valuable site time. In addition, panels can be delivered with the windows already cast in, allowing internal trades to begin work far earlier than on a traditional-build site.
Where can I see examples of Structural Precast Solutions?
As an acknowledged market leader in the design and manufacture of precast rooms for hotels and student accommodation, we naturally have an impressive list of clients. Among names you will recognise are Holiday Inn, Acor Hotels, MacDonald Hotels, Travelodge, City Inns, Radisson SAS, Days Inn, Tulip and Arora Hotels, while student accommodation can be found at the universities of Loughborough, Reading, Lancaster, Essex, London, Brunel, East London and Hertfordshire. Less publicised examples of our work were carried out for the Ministry of Defence at Shrivenham, Woodbridge and Lucknow, among others. If you would like further details of any of these projects, please get in touch.
Today we are recognised as the market leader in the design and manufacture of Precast Rooms for Hotels and Student Accommodation. Our previous clients include some of the major names in the hospitality industry as well as the education sector i.e. Holiday Inn, Accor Hotels, MacDonald Hotels, Ramada, Travelodge, City Inns, Radisson SAS, Days Inn, Tulip, Arora Hotels and Universities at Loughborough, Reading, Lancaster, Essex, London, Brunel, East London, Hertfordshire to name but a few, plus MOD projects at Shrivenham, Woodbridge and Lucknow. Therefore, if you require a trusted partner with extensive experience, recognised for delivering on-time, with unrivalled quality; FP McCann is the obvious choice.
Why Structural Precast Solutions?
  • Fair faced walls and ceilings
  • Acoustics
  • Speed of construction
  • Follow on trades
  • Bathroom pods / rebate in floor slab to accommodate
  • Safe access
  • Progressive collapse
Why concrete?

We use precast concrete because it is the best material for the job. Apart from its obvious strength, it is also resistant to corrosion, abrasion, impact and weathering. Factory production using a high-strength mix with a low water/cement ratio followed by intensive compaction and controlled curing guarantees a dense, durable and fire-resistant product.
Why precast?

The benefits of precast concrete as opposed to site-cast are many:
  • Factory-made products mean rational and efficient manufacturing processes, with skilled staff carrying out the work in a controlled environment with tight quality surveillance
  • Materials are accurately batched, moulds are reused and there is little if any waste
  • Shorter construction time, typically less than half of conventional in-situ concrete 
  • Construction can continue in cold weather down to –20°C 
  • Greater structural efficiency with longer spans and shallower construction depths – made possible by prestressing during manufacture –  offering both flexibility and extended lifetime of buildings
  • Thanks to the high initial quality, fire resistance up to two hours can be achieved.