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Walling Solutions

  • FP McCann Precast Walling
FP McCann Walling Solutions
FP McCann combines and co-ordinates the design, manufacturing and expertise of over 65 years in Bell & Webster Concrete, and over 30 years in Milbury Systems, to deliver high quality precast concrete products at competitive prices.
Our relentless drive is to continually improve on our own expectations while exceeding yours, ensuring we add value to your project.
FP McCann is committed to delivering more efficient, cost-effective and safety-focused sustainable concrete solutions. Our vision is to continue to exceed our customers expectations whilst making an impact on new customers.
We believe in working with you as a partner from the start, which means offering our expertise in designing and manufacturing precast concrete to suit your individual project requirements.
Our modern manufacturing plants and their geographical spread give us an unrivalled ability to serve the construction industry throughout UK and Ireland.
Precast Concrete Retaining Walls
Ideal for soil retention anywhere:
  • General soil retention
  • Waste recycling bunkers
  • Making up levels within buildings
  • Landscaping of housing estates
Precast Concrete Walling
Quality products are key when retaining soil as failures can cause great loss.  FP McCann has a number of solutions to achieve cost-effective retaining walls Prestressed cantilever system – Prestressed cantilever panels can be erected into their own foundation or cast into the floor slab. These panels are ideal for forming a freestanding wall to retain soil to a height of up to 4m. Retaining wall units – L shaped reinforced concrete units are available in a number of heights, from 1m to 3.75, width 1m. These units are quick and easy to install onto a suitable foundation. Horizontal panels can be used with kingpost’s or our precast concrete columns. Horizontal panels span between columns and fix within the webs achieving considerable depths.  This system is particularly useful for raising internal or external ground levels in or around a building frame.